AJ (Alex John) Helm stars as Ryan Cesario. AJ has acted in more than a dozen short student films as well as theater productions. He trained at Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute learning the method with professors Lola Cohen, Bill Balzac, Mauricio Bustamente, and Susan Grace Cohen.



Peter KT (Tzotchev) as Young Ryan. Peter is a middle school student in the North Shore of Long Island. Peter was born in Bulgaria and came to New York at the age of three. He speaks Bulgarian, Russian and English. Peter has performed in local theater productions and recently played the role of Young Ralph in the movie “The Diner”. Peter is very excited to join the cast of “Little Lion” and to play the role of  Young Ryan.



David Gibson as Allan Durdek. David most recently played an FBI Agent bringing James Franco into custody in the upcoming new film True Story.  Other film credits include: The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jack Ryan, and Side Effects. On television, he has appeared on Elementary, Smash, Zero Hour, Golden Boy and America’s Next Top Model. David’s voice can also be heard behind hundreds of commercials nationwide, proclaiming the miracles of everything from Alphabits to Wonderbras, as well as in promos for the ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, HBO and SHOWTIME television networks.



Wilfredo Roldan as Linus Perez. Born in Puerto Rico, Wilfredo Roldan is an actor, fight director, and grand master of martial arts. In the late sixties Roldan did a number of blaxploitation /martial arts films and a number of musicals. A retired high school physical and health educator, Roldan is a student of the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Roldan spends his time working in the film industry as an actor, giving instruction in martial arts, and preparing actors for fight scenes. He has acted and performed in venues around the world. Roldan looks forward to continuing his work in the act of telling stories through film.



Rosemary Howard as Jennifer Cesario. Rosemary is a theatrically and improv trained actress that spent much of her adult life on the stage before her recent crossover into film. Small roles in indie features and larger roles in short films, many currently in the festival circuit are her recent achievements.

Since the shift from theater, she has earned acting awards portraying ingenue to character in comedies and dramas.  Rosemary is now learning how the film casting world sees her and has been embracing it. Flawed character roles are more interesting to play, particularly the unassuming with dark sides, and putting one’s stamp on a new piece of work is particularly rewarding.

Rosemary also wishes to note her awe with the collaborative nature of the crew in film productions- they put in all of the vision, dedication, hard work, long hours, and she feels dwarfed by her meager participation. Rosemary is grateful for those who ‘get her’ and her work, and looks forward to a long career regardless of medium.



Jenna Iacono as Carolyn Perez. Jenna began acting at the tender age of 4. She is 9 years old and lives in Connecticut. She currently plays several cartoon character’s voices for Nick, Jr. In December 2012, Jenna finished her Broadway National Tour with “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as Cindy Lou Who. She participated in dozens of community theater productions including “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Magic Flute” and “Annie”.

Jenna can be seen in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 2012 Video Campaign and had roles in several films, Jumping Jack, Beyond Belief, Las Mananitas and A Little Game. Jenna holds a red belt in tae kwon do. She enjoys dancing, singing, being with her friends, family, and her cat, July. Visit Jenna Iacono on Facebook.



Kirstyn Blum as Lizzy Cesario. Kirstyn is a high school freshman from the Lehigh Valley Region of Pennsylvania.  Kirstyn has performed in several films in Philadelphia, and New York City.  In addition to films, her acting credits include various roles in theater, such as Aquata in Little Mermaid, Jr (Civic Theatre) and Commercial Kid in the Granny Awards (NYC).  Kirstyn believes Little Lion is a story worth telling and is thrilled to be a part of such an engaging endeavor. With the talented cast and crew, she knows the audience will empathize with Ryan as he struggles with the aftermath of domestic abuse.



Celine Held as Maria Nolan. Celine is a 2012 graduate of NYU with a BFA in drama. She studied extensively at the Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film as well as with the Classical Studio at NYU and the International Theater Workshop in Amsterdam. She has performed in a number of plays and films and is very excited to be portraying Maria in Little Lion.