Director's Statement

” From the very first word typed onto the page to the final edit, I had every intention of creating the type of film that I enjoy watching as an audience member.¬† I grew up admiring cerebral films such as Memento, Fight Club, and Black Swan and wanted to create a film stylistically along those lines with a memorable twist.


I began writing Little Lion as a feature film in my freshman year at Purchase College and finished it after I had transferred to NYU. Being inspired by success stories of George Lucas, Sam Raimi, and James Wan who created short films to help produce their feature films, I set out to do the exact thing. Create a short film compelling enough that it will help me in financing my first feature film.


As I focused on the topic of domestic violence and researched several accounts from victims, the content became darker and darker. I was tempted to change the story but stuck with it because I realized that for this film there is no happy ending and it is the same for a lot of people that fall victim to domestic violence.

I wrote the accounts from the perspective of a 10 year-old boy to explore the ramifications of domestic violence and the psychological realm of retribution.”

-Alex Morsanutto (Writer, Producer, Director)